Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Sprinkle for Baby Boy Recap

Sunday we had our Sprinkle for our sweet little baby boy on the way. A Sprinkle is a small "baby shower" for another child. Since we already have a sweet little girl, our family and friends sprinkled us with adorable baby boy clothes and essentials for having another newborn. We had such a blast with all our friends and family.  

Our Sprinkle was held at my sister-in-laws home, hosted by her, my mom, and my mother in law. 

The theme was baby boy blue!  It all started off with a perfect invitation from Tiny Prints. We used Tiny Prints with our first shower, so there was no doubt we would find the perfect invite again. I loved the one we picked, it was simple and classic. It also set the tone for an adorable sprinkle. 

My mother helped with the decor and set up this centerpiece. The apothecary jars were filled with little essentials for baby, like bibs, washcloths, little shoes, and bath toys. The carousel hanger held up small outfits and bibs and little receiving blankets. Not only was the decor so cute, but what was nice is that all the items I was able to take home and use for our little man.

All the decor was so thoughtful and creative, like the plush toys on the mantel. The floating mini rubber ducks in the punch was hilarious! A glamourous diaper cake centerpiece with flowers on one of the tables for guests to eat at.

The "Thank you" favors were done by my mother and my niece. My mother wrapped up special "Hershey Kisses" that said  "It's a boy!" on the tag. So cute! I didn't even know they made those.

My niece decided to make "Blessing Jars" out of mason jars. They are cute little jars to take home and write down things you are thankful for and put them in the jar. She also filled them with some candy for the guests. 

My Mom and Daughter having fun at the shower

For the shower my mother and mother-in-law both led their own devotional. They shared touching advice and words of wisdom for myself and my husband on raising a boy. 

We played some really fun games too, everyone got really into it, so that always makes it more exciting. 

The first game we played was a word matching game. There was a large poster board with all sorts of candy on it and we had to match the baby/pregnancy related words to the candy. For example; Triplets: 3 musketeers. Epidural: Lifesavers. There was some pretty hard ones! I definitely did not win that game.  

Excited to be a Big Sister!
The next game we played was having to feed each other baby food the fastest. Me and my husband's cousin actually won that one! She was a big fan of baby food, so that helped! Elsa really enjoyed helping herself to the extra jars of baby food!

Another game we played was, who can diaper the baby the fastest. The "baby" was a balloon, we had to do it the old-fashioned way, with a pin AND blind-folded. This was so hard, but our friend rocked this game and beat everyone!

We had such a blast at our sprinkle. We are so grateful to all our family and friends who gave us such thoughtful gifts for our baby boy. We are so excited to meet him. We feel we are finally starting to get ready for his arrival!

My Mom and I