Sunday, September 14, 2014

6 Easy Gallery Wall Tips

Gallery Wall Ideas

I have been trying to get my entry wall revamped for some time now, and I finally did! Now, most of you haven't been to my house, but it's a very open floor plan, so lots of entry ways, windows and not a lot of blank wall space. Every house is different and you got to work with what you got!

So, here are 6 Easy Tips for a Beautiful Gallery Wall in any home.

1. Mix different shapes and sizes: Don't be afraid of that extra large frame or funky shape. The contrast makes it interesting.

2. Know your color theme: Are you going to do an all black and white wall, with black and white photos? A mix of bright colors, or more monochromatic? I chose to go monochromatic, with a dark black/brown frames to coordinate with our furniture in our front room. However, I did add a fun pop of color with an accent frame that coordinates with our rusty/orange accent chair across the room. The chair is not so close that it makes the room too "matchy-matchy" but rather pulls it all together.

3. Add fun accent pieces: Go for those out of the box pieces or the traditional accent pieces. Monograms and Letters are very "in" right now. My problem is that our last name starts with a "C" and 99.9% of the "C's" I find are too flowy. I loved the one I found at Hobby Lobby, because it was more boxy and fit nicely within my accent frame.

4. Don't just stick to frames for photos: Again, go outside the box and introduce a print on canvas. I love the one I got from Tiny Prints Home Decor. The quality was very impressive. The picture I ended up getting printed was taken with my phone too! Can you believe it? It looks really good, like a professional actually took it! I'm not trying to brag, I was just really amazed how well it turned out!

5. Play with textures: Mix up your textures, whether it's within the style of your frames or your accent pieces. I added a variety of frame textures and a few metal pieces; the "Key" and the "C" is a hammered metal.

6. Use paper and painters tape: when getting ready to hang up your frames. This way you can tweak your layout as many times as you like before putting holes in your wall. It takes some time, but will save you lots of time in the end. Plus, it doesn't have to look pretty! Not sure where to start hanging? Start in the middle and use that as your center line.
Gallery Wall ideas

Oh and don't forget to double check those measurements! ;)

Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Top Registry Picks for Baby #2

It's no surprise we are expecting Baby #2! And ITS A BOY!

Registering for baby #2 is a much different experience than your first. With your first, you literally need pretty much everything, your crib, high chair, stroller etc… so for your second baby you should be all set right? At least that's what most people think.

Now, a registry is usually for your baby shower guests to know what you need for your baby. However, even if you aren't having a shower or a "sprinkle" a registry is a good idea to keep a list of what you will need. Plus, most places you register at will send you a completion coupon of 10-15% off your registry items to get whatever else you need on your registry.

For baby #2 there will definitely be items that you will need. Especially, if the baby is a different gender.

baby #2 registry items
1. A good baby carrier: I wish I would've invested in one of these the first time around. Since we only had one, we just held her a lot. Now with two kids, I'm sure I will need a lot of hands-free carrying!

2. A Baby Book: You're going to want to keep track of all those milestones for every child!

3. Video monitor: More babies, means parents need more sets of eyes to watch over them. You will need another monitor to watch over the new little one.

4.  Nursing/feeding accessories: You may have a lot of these from before, but there is a lot that will need to be restocked and replenished. Such as: milk storage bags, nursing pads, extra bottles, new cleaning supplies.

5. Clothes: You may get lucky if your baby is the same gender and be able to use a lot of hand-me-downs. But even if your baby is the same gender, you may need certain season pieces if they are born in different seasons. This is a must for a new baby of a different gender.

6. Double Stroller: Another huge must, especially if you first is still small. Look for a stroller that will support your needs as your children grow together through different phases.

7. Diapers and wipes: This is another huge necessity. Especially if you aren't cloth diapering. Newborns go potty all time. I couldn't believe how many diapers we went through in the early months.

There are definitely other miscellaneous items you will need for another new baby. Little ones can tend to wear through stuff like crazy (or stain it permanently!) You may need to restock on items like crib sheets, burp clothes, wash clothes, body washes & lotions or possibly a new diaper bag.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Grandma's Swiss Cheese and Onion Quiche

best swiss cheese and onion quiche

Being pregnant with baby #2 I have had the hardest time eating eggs! I know they are so good for you, and usually I eat a lot of eggs in my diet. I decided to try and make my Grandma's quiche recipe and see if I would be able to eat (and enjoy) eggs.

So, I whipped up this recipe Saturday morning for myself and my husband, and Oh-my-word was it good. SO so good! Not only did I enjoy it, I had it again later for dinner and then finished the leftovers the next morning. My husband really enjoyed this recipe too- he had several slices! Between the two of us, we quickly ate all of the quiche!

I can't wait to make it again… will probably run to the store and get more ingredients this week! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!


1 1/2 cup chopped onions
1 tbsp. butter
4 eggs
1 cup half & half (or milk)
1 unbaked 9 inch pie shell
1/2 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. nutmeg
1/8 tsp. pepper
1 tbsp. cornstarch
2 cups shredded swiss cheese


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a medium skillet, saute onions in butter until translucent. set aside. In a medium bowl beat eggs (brush a little on inside of pie shell) add half & half, and spices to eggs and beat thoroughly. Add cornstarch and cheese, mix well.  cover pie shell with onions, and pour over egg mixture. Dust with additional nutmeg.

Bake in center of oven for 35-45 until set, browned and puffy. Cool slightly and cut into wedges and serve.