Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shabby Chic Dresser Makeover!

Hello everyone! It's been a while and its been a crazy busy summer with a lot going on! My brother got married, Elsa had her second birthday, and we are expecting baby #2! So with all thats been going on, we have been trying to de-clutter and revamp Elsa's room and baby #2's room (which was formally our office!) There's been a lot to do and buy!

Thankfully, my parents gave us my old furniture from my room growing up, which I am going to use in Elsa's room. The only down side is that the furniture is a little bland and doesn't go with her room. So, we decided to give it a face lift!

This project was quite an undertaking while being pregnant and having a toddler to look after. There was a lot accomplished during her nap times. But with the extra energy of being in my second trimester, I managed to get it done in about 4-5 days (all by myself might I add! Go me!) I will give some credit to my husband who did the heavy lifting moving it out to the garage for me.

So for your Shabby Chic DIY Make Over you will need the following:

1 qt "White Truffle" paint, Semi Gloss (Behr)
1 qt "Wheat Bread" paint, Semi Gloss (Behr)
4-5 cans of white spray primer (flat white)
Sand paper (100 Grit)
Drop cloth
2 brushes
Polycrylic Finish Spray in Semi-Gloss
New Hardware (optional)

Step 1:
Remove all hardware from furniture. I lightly sanded to remove the shine and gloss from the stain, then used an old t-shirt to remove all dust. I did not fill in scratches because I wanted a worn look.

Step 2: 
Spray area with primer. Watch for drips and runs. It's better to use several light coats, then one heavy coat. Once dry, lightly sand any runs. Remove Dust. 

Step 3: 
Cover with base coat, white truffle. Allow to dry to touch.

Step 4:
Once base paint is dry, using a dry brush technique apply the "Wheat Bread" paint for a distressed look. A dry brush technique is to only apply a minimal amount of paint on the brush, wipe off extra if needed, and lightly brush to get a textured look on wood. Use sparingly, you can always add more paint. 

Step 5:
Allow paint to dry to touch, and apply Polycrylic finish. Allow everything to dry for at least 24 hours before putting back hardware, or drawers into the dresser. 

Step 6: 
Add new Hardware. I loved these I found at Hobby Lobby, I really liked to mix and match the colors too. 

Step 7:
Enjoy your brand "new" furniture!


  1. Wow Michelle, love this shabby chic dresser (so pretty!) and your DIY was very nicely done! Congrats on Baby #2 and hope you have a sweet day.


  2. Turned out beautiful!

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