Friday, May 9, 2014

Restless Bible Study: Review

Photo Credit: Christian

Are you Restless? Aren't we all a little Restless at times?
Desiring to be fulling our biggest potential? I know I am…

I was asked to review a new bible study from Jennie Allen called "Restless: because you were made for more". I was excited to give it a go, and see what this group study was all about. I called up my close bible study friends to see if they would be willing to do the study with me, and they were all very enthusiastic to join me when I told them about the study!

The format of Restless is similar to other bible studies that I had done before. However, there are some differences that I would say set Jennie Allen's apart from the rest!

The Restless Study kit comes with a  DVD, Leader book, Study Guide and Conversation Cards.

The Leader Guide is clear and simple to use. I've facilitated bible studies in the past where the leader guides gave over complicated, regimented instructions for each week. Which is fine for some, but I found that often the spirit of the Lord will direct the conversation in different ways. "Restless" is a perfect format for that.

The DVD has the weekly videos teachings on it, each video is about 20 minutes long. Jennie Allen speaks from her heart each week on the different topics, and you can feel her passion for the Lord. It's contagious!

The Study Guide is really unique too. In the past, the majority of bible studies I have done that are a DVD and work book format, have a "daily homework" feel to them. Which I have done, loved, and grown so much from. "Restless" has a Study Guide that is unlike any other I have done. It has a journal feel to it, with a creative side and gets you to think, dive deeper and write, doodle, journal, or whatever! The format is so open and creative! She breaks it out into a "study" portion and then a "project" portion. Which gets you thinking and processing through different and fun exercises. It's an exciting way to spend time with the Lord. I love the format, and wish more studies were like this!

The Conversation Cards are another favorite of mine. Jennie Allen allows for a lot of focus on discussion time. Which is another reason I love this bible study. With the videos being only 20 mins, she allows for 45-75 mins of discussion. The way the cards work is that each week there are a different set of cards with questions on them. Everyone in the group can grab a card and read their discussion question. It's a great way to get everyone talking! Which, with my ladies is NOT a problem, but it's a great way to discuss some great questions!

The content of the study parallel our spiritual journey with the Lord, with the story of Joseph. I have really enjoyed growing and learning with this study! I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for "more". :)

God Bless!


  1. Looks like a great study!

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  5. Looks like a great study! Thank you so much.I would like to share a little write.In Restless, a 8-session, feature based little gathering Bible study, Bible study instructor and writer Jennie Allen helps you find a viable plan to recognize the strings of your life and how to purposefully weave them together for God's heavenliness and purposes. Happy Holidays!

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