Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: The Modern Life Study Bible

I've been given the privilege of reviewing the "Modern Life Study Bible - God's Word for Our World" for my blog. Personally, I love study Bibles, because they always have extra insight about the scriptures that I find very helpful for further understanding what I am reading. Let's just be honest, it's sometimes hard to wrap our heads around on just how big the Ark was, when we don't understand the units of measurement or where exactly did the Israelites wander for forty years, without that map insert in our Bibles or a vast amount of other cultural contexts from ancient times.

But what I liked about reading through the Modern Study Bible was that it brought God's word, up into the relevance of today's society. But it also, gives us key insights into better understanding the scriptures.

Within the Bible, each book has an introduction as to who the author of the book is and the context of the book of the bible.

There are sections that are called "Focus" articles, that provide insight on the specific scripture it references. I especially liked this, because some of them were like "mini-devotionals".

Focus Articles

"Insight" articles provided information about the "cultural context". Which, as previously mentioned, I do like as well, because it provides further understanding of the scriptures and allows us to relate on a deeper level. For example, there is a family tree of the Family of Jacob. Now we all know he had twelve sons, and two wives, but he also had two concubines. Which can be confusing to understand who's who. The insight article breaks it down with a clear visual description.
Insight Articlespersonal profiles

There are also "Personal Profiles" on important people of the Bible and "Place Profiles" to show maps and information about where exactly many events of the ancient world took place.

Personal ProfilesThere are also full page biographies about sixty-six different Christ followers from different times and places in "modern" history. I found them very interesting and enlightening!

Overall, I really enjoyed reading through the "Modern Life Study Bible" (NKJV). The inserts gave me a fresh new insight and a lot of knowledge on things I didn't even know. I would highly recommend this Bible for anyone who would like a deeper knowledge and study of the Bible with a focus on relating to our modern times.


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