Monday, March 24, 2014

RedStar Shades & $500 Gift Card!!

This is a sponsored review by Red Star and Media Talent Agency

Red Star specializes in sport and fashion sunglasses, watches and accessories. They are also involved in promotiong and sponsoring many charity and sporting events.

Red Star let me select one of there many sunglasses to try out. It was a hard task to do, because there were so many choices to try from. I decided to go with a classic aviator. I love aviators sunglasses because they always fit my face shape pretty well. I was pretty impressed with the sunglasses when they arrived. They came with a nice case to keep them protected. You can also tell that they are quality sunglasses by just the feel of them. The pair I selected is also polarized, which offers additional protection from the sun. My eyes are very sensitive to the sun, so I always need a pair of quality sunglasses on hand whenever I go out.

Red Star is also offering a free promo code for up to $500 off their shades for a limited time, you only have to pay shipping & handling for each item you select. Pretty amazing deal!

To get your $500 gift card, visit their webpage here.

Enter promo code: MTA14 at check out.

Hope you enjoy your Red Star sunglasses!!

If you have any additional questions regarding the promo; Red Star has a very useful FAQ page you can visit here.


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