Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Longing for summer in this never-ending winter!

The other week we were in desperate need of a break from this never ending winter in "Chi-beria", so we decided to head over to an indoor water park with Elsa. It was her first time to a pool since last summer or even since she has started walking. Lucky for us, there was a small indoor water park about an hour north of us, in the Chicagoland area, called "Water Works". Which, since it's part of that suburbs park district the admission was much more affordable than a private water park. It was very worth the money since we were only there a couple hours. Which was just the perfect amount of time for a 18 month old!

Elsa was a little curious, yet hesitant when we got there. The kids area was shallow and a gradual entry, perfect for little ones. Once she got her feet wet, she was splashing around and laying on her belly. There was a large playground splash area with watersides, water guns, and foundations.

Elsa was so courageous and wanted to go down the little water slides all by herself! She was non-stop with the water slides, laughing and giggling hysterically! She even was pointing and wanting to go to the BIG slides across the park. We did our best to explain she was just too little!
We hung out and stayed until we were tired out.

It was a great day to get out and pretend that it might just be summer! It's been the longest winter ever here in Chicago, with record snowfalls of well over 60"+ and record lows of -50 degrees below freezing, we are so ready for spring!

What have you been doing to beat the cold this winter!?


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