Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Discerning The Voice of God" - A Review

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My women's bible study at the church just wrapped up "Discerning the Voice of God" by Priscilla Shirer. If you're not familiar with Priscilla, get familiar! She's awesome. This is the second study of hers that I have done and I have loved both of them!

I was especially drawn to this study right off the bat, because right on the cover it says, "how to recognize with God speaks". Sign me up! I want to hear and know more of what God is saying to me!

Priscilla breaks down the six week study into four sections; " The Anticipation of God's Voice", "The Spirit of God's Voice", "The Nature of God's Voice", and "The Purpose of God's Voice".

The first section about anticipating God's voice spoke directly to me. If you think about it, it's so easy to anticipate something. We are in such a society of "we want it and we want it now". Everything is fast and quick! Our communication is faster than ever, with emails, cell phones and texting, and all within our own hands. Anticipating the voice of God, is waiting with expectancy for God to answer us, BUT, we must do so patiently.

Priscilla writes, "The process of waiting for a message from God, is just as important as the message itself." WOW! We should expect God to answer when we call him, and seek him through prayer, worship and meditation. We must spend time actively listening to God's still small voice.

The second section dives into the Spirit of God's voice, who is known as the Holy Spirit. When we become a confessing believer in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit dwells within us. It is the primary way that God speaks to us. When we surrender and listen to the Spirit, we are listening to voice of the Lord. Even when we are unsure if what we are hearing is our voice or the voice of God, He is merciful and gracious to give us confirmation when we need it. The voice of the Holy Spirit will always align with scriptures, no matter what.

The nature of God's voice reveals that He leads us perfectly, because He is loving and good. He draws us near to Him, so that we may be more intimate with Him. Through which He can reveal His plans in the "Purpose of God's Voice". We were created to do God's will, and He will not keep His will for our lives a mystery. He will not leave us empty handed either, when God calls us into His perfect will, we are not alone. God will have our back! But when He calls us, (I say when, and not if!) we must respond with obedience to His call. Priscilla gives many examples of how time and time again, we must respond with obedience to His call and the blessing in the obedience that follows! We must not hesitate when God speaks to us!

At the beginning of the study, Priscilla Shirer asked us to write a few "issues" we were seeking answers for from God in the back of our books. As I went through the last six weeks, I have come back to those topics from time to time and seen how several of them have been changing. Now, at the end of the study, I have seen major revelation on two of my "issues". One where God showed up and did a miracle that only HE could have the glory. The other, where God has completely changed my heart from where it was six weeks ago. The others are still on-going, but I am faithfully trusting in God's timing for his answers to those situations, while holding fast to the amazing revelations I have experienced thus far. Our God is so good, kind and patience. He desires that our hearts long for him, and more time we spend in the word, talking to him, he gently draws us closer to him. That we may understand and love him so much more. Isn't He the best?! I think so!


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