Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Budget App

It's about that time of year again, and the holidays are just around the corner. Hopefully, you have been saving up extra cash the last few months for Christmas this year. As, my favorite financial advisor says, "Christmas is not a surprise, it lands on the same day every year!" - Dave Ramsey. Therefore, we save and plan ahead! (Right? right.) 
Anyways, I'm excited because he has just release a great new app (and website) for your phone!

It's a great and SUPER EASY site to log in your Christmas budget, who you want to shop for, and how much your going to spend! 

Then, as you shop, you can enter in any gifts that you have purchased and the amount and it will track how much you have left to spend for each person, and overall. 

 I'm a total budget nerd, so I'm excited to have this right at my finger tips on-the-go on my phone!

Be sure to check it out and use it this Christmas!

**The Budget shown is not my real budget. It is purely for demonstration. :)


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    1. Got to the web page on your phone... Then once you plug in a budget you save it to your home screen on your phone!;)

  2. Worthy Apps information! I've bookmarked your page for the future explore. Great sharing!


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