Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Crochet Owl Hat

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

child's owl crochet hat

It's been the longest "Winter/Spring" in Chicago and my little one needed a hat that fits to wear outside on colder days, because she's already out grown the infant hat we got her from last fall. And because stores are no longer selling winter clothes I decided to make her a hat myself!

I found this great crochet pattern for an adorable owl hat: here. They give easy to read crochet patterns for all sizes from newborn to adult! I changed the eyes a little bit and gave them an "expression" rather than using the suggested buttons, only because my daughter is in the "try to eat everything phase" and I didn't want her to try and rip off a button and choke on it!

There are lots of other great patterns on her website that I am definitely going to check out!

Doesn't Elsa looks adorable in her new hat?! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Life Lately...

So, per my previous post, life has been a bit crazy lately. Maybe not "crazy" but I've definitely been on my toes a whole lot more with my little one, so blogging has been a little on the back burner lately as I am just lucky to get myself a shower on most days, but have still been keeping up working out with Revolt Fitness!

For example, this morning I'm just trying to use the bathroom and my little one made her way into my make-up bag. All she was able to snag was some lip stain, that she thankfully can't open. She's also been venturing more bravely into new places I'm learning I need to Baby-proof! Oh baby!

Everyone always tells you that you will be constantly on your toes, when your baby is on the go, and yes. Yes, they are right! Haha. 

My little girl is also teething- hard core, (Why won't those teeth just pop through already!!!) and not wanting me to be far from her. She's been on me like white on rice. Whenever I go somewhere, my cute little shadow is not far behind. 
Baby girl climbing up me because she wants me to hold her... :)

following me to get a glass of water
But we have been able to have some fun lately too! The other week my sister-in-law hosted a Matilda Jane Trunk party at her house. If you haven't heard of Matilda Jane, check it out, the clothes are ADORABLE! It was a fun Mommy/Daughter night. The little girls all tried on cute dresses. Elsa got two adorable outfits that are just out of this world cute! She got a dress that is perfect for a little Tea Party! She also enjoyed playing with all the other "big kids" at the party and with her cousins. 

watching the girls play the "cup game"
playing with her cousin

Trying on her Matilda Jane Dress and Top (pants not MJ)

We have also been taking advantage of this nice weather  (when it's not raining and flooding the midwest) and enjoying swinging and walks to the park! Elsa laughs so hard when she swings! It's hilarious!

Also, last week, Chuck and I were able to go to Jesus Cultural with his sister's family for a night of Praise and Worship. Elsa got to be babysat by my father and my two brothers. (Can you say, Three Men and a Baby!?) She stayed up until 11 to wait until I got home! The only time she slept was a short cat nap in her bouncer. 

Too much fun!

Hanging with her Uncle!

It's been a busy few weeks, I'm so glad Spring is finally here! And I have some post that will be coming your way soon! (Just a sneak peak, one will be on how I made this "Matilda Jane inspired" sundress for Elsa.) 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 6- Revolt Fitness

Ok, So I know I've been MIA this last week, and it's been pretty due to the fact that my husband has been out of town for work the whole week so I've been on baby duty 100% and now that she is crawling and on the GO! and also starting to go through the "separation anxiety" phase. I've had pretty much 0% me time- which all leaves me with hardly any time to blog this week. Or at all!

I have been able to workout try and keep up with revolt fitness, however, the best I can. But when I got on the scale this morning. It hasn't budged the last few weeks! What's the deal with that!? I think my body has a special number it doesn't want to go below because it's afraid it will run out of extra storage to make milk for the baby or something. I'm not sure... But I can say that trying to lose the weight while nursing has been very difficult! I guess I can see why so many people in Hollywood give it up so early.

I can say that I have been feeling much better and having more energy. So I am loving what weight training and working out with revolt has been doing!

Well... I guess I will continue to keep on, keeping on!

Cheers for now!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Revolt Week 5- "If at first you don't succeed..."

"...Dust yourself off and try again"

"Maury: What do we do when we fall off the horse? Hmm. We get back on. 
Derek: Sorry, Maury. I'm not a gymnast."

Ok, I may not be a gymnast, But I'm getting back on the horse!

Ok, so it's  week 5 of Revolt and we are getting past the first month and onto the end of the first Uprising! I have to admit, this last week was a little rough, I did see a small gain on the scale, probably due to all the Easter fun. Then on top of that, I was discouraged to see how drastically our family's budget went up! I know eating healthy cost more, but I was shocked to see that it doubled!

So, I'm not going to be discouraged, I am going to keep pressing on towards my goal. I can't let a few bad days ruin how hard I've been working for weeks. Because I do feel so much stronger and healthier than I did even a month ago! I am going to be substituting some of the approved veggies and other food items if necessary for more affordable ones at the grocery store and trying to shop around more than I was able to the last month.

In the past, I would typically shop on Tuesday's because my mom would be here to help with the baby and lend a hand. Any mom know's how hard it is to hit up multiple stores with a little baby on their own. The thing about Revolt is, that they post the next week's menu late on Fridays so I wasn't able to shop at multiple stores and get the best prices so late in the week, since I was at the mercy of whomever could help me shop that day.

So instead of being upset about the system. I am just going to have to learn how to adjust to make it successful for my family and our budget. There's a learning curve with everything in life I suppose!


I'm so excited to bust out the jogging stroller and get moving in this weather!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bloggy Friends Giveaway

Hey Guys, I'm teaming up with these lovely ladies for a giveaway over at Designer in Teal! Be sure to enter to win all of these amazing prizes!

Good Luck and Happy Monday!

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Revolt week 4

Just a quick "hello"!

So I'm a little but late to the party on this week, but last week ended up being a bit crazy and I missed my check in day! So I don't have any results to post, but I'm still going strong and excited to see what this week brings!