Monday, March 18, 2013

Do you rent your text books?

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Do you rent your text books?
All I can say is, I wish there was an amazing program like this when I was in college!

Every semester I would cringe at the thought of how much money I would be shelling out for books. Some I didn't mind buying if it had to do with my major, but by the time I left the campus bookstore my wallet was easily $500 dollars lighter every semester!

That's the nice thing about You can rent your books instead of buying them, putting more money in your pocket! Yes, please!

You can save 40-90% off the bookstore prices. Plus, they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook that is rented. Save some money, do some good. Win-win!

The website makes it super easy to find the books you need and they offer free shipping to get the books to you. More savings!

Once you get your books you're even allowed to highlight in the books just as if it were your own, and if you need them longer allows a 15 day grace period or you can extend your rental period even longer online, if needed.

When you are done using the books just send them back in the pre-paid shipping that is provided with the books. So easy and that's free shipping both ways!

Already own your books and tired of being robbed blind at the sell back at the end of the semester?
CampusBookRentals has an amazing program for that too, Rentback!
A great way to make money with your books!

Want to find out more?

Check out and


  1. Yes! I rent mine! This is the first year that I've done it, but it's great. In the past I would buy them online and then resell them. This is nice because even though you don't make any money back, you still spend less and then just drop them off at the post office. Lovely.


  2. is a credible site and often has the best rental prices. However always do a Textbook Price Comparison. For example this particular nursing book:

    Price Compare Medical-Surgical Nursing: 9780323065702

    You will see that you can buy a used copy for a few dollars more than the price of a rental - no need to worry about returning on time, plus you may be able to resell the book.

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