Friday, January 4, 2013

Owl Inspired Decor

Owls seem to be everywhere! And why not, they are so cute with their big eyes! I'm pretty sure it was my mom who said they are like cute kitties with wings?? Maybe, maybe not?? But I do love all this owl inspired decor, whether it be for a kids room, your room or a nursery!

Simple Shapes makes adorable wall decals that would be the perfect accent to a nursery.

I also love all these other adorable owl decor items... 

1 Sweet Jojo's Wall Hangers - $23
2 Owl Decor with Winnie The Pooh Quote - $32
3 Personalized Wall Decal - $79
4 Pretty in Pink Owl Mobile - Custom Order
5 Bambo Wood Owl Clock - $110
6 Shabby Chic Mint Owl Print - $14
7 Owl and Chevron Throw Pillows - $34
8 Owl Bookends - $30


  1. Our daughter-in-law Brittney loves owls! Cute post!

  2. They're fun to make too! Love the items selected here, and maybe you could add the two in our shop at and #107123292? Sorry, but couldn't resist the chance to highlight them too!

    Happy New Year - and the best of luck to one and all, too! Isobel:

    1. Very Cute!!!! I found so many cute items I may have to do an Owl 2.0 post! If I do, I will add yours too! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love owls!!! Such cute ideas for decor.

  4. Those owl book ends are adorable!! New follower from Lauren's blog. :)


  5. Just found your blog through From My Grey Desk.... already kind of in love! I must pull myself away to go teach some crazy teenagers! Be back later!

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