Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve and Resolutions!!!

Last night our family celebrated New Years in a much different way! Having a 5 month old baby means that gone are the day of dressing up and going out until midnight! So this year we stayed in a cooked ourselves a nice fancy dinner at home!

Chuck got some steaks from work that we grilled and added melted blue cheese to the top. Seriously, might be my new favorite way to eat steak from now on. It's so good!!! We sided it with green beans and garlic red skin mashed potatoes. We used our fancy dinnerware we got from our wedding and these stemless Tiffany wine glasses, compliments of my brother and mother (Thanks guys!) I'm still nursing so we had sparkling cider instead of wine.

The baby went to bed way before midnight and we watched "Total Recall" before the ball dropped. We barely made it until midnight, I'm actually impressed we did. When you're a new parent sleep is a valuable commodity!

Now that it's 2013, its a new year and time for new resolutions!

Normally I don't make New Years resolutions because I just don't think there's anything I need to resolve or fix about myself. I'm just naturally perfect!! lol! Totally kidding. But that was more my single self, having a child changes you. You want to better yourself, but not only for yourself, for your children as well.

So, this year I'm making a few resolutions!

This year I want to grow more in my relationship with God. Learn more from scriptures so that I may become a better mother and wife! I feel that each and everyday God is showing me more about myself and my relationships, how I can learn to me more servant-like and humble. Its a challenge and I hope I grow in this area.

I also want to spend more time on me physically and becoming healthier and stronger. Last year I was very pregnant for most of the year and then recovering from my c-section. Now, that I am more into the swing of things and feeling stronger I want to keep progressing in making myself healthier and stronger.

I hope you all had a Happy New Year! 
The Carters

What are some of your resolutions?


Love to hear your thoughts and comments!!