Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby, where'd my abs go??

Keeping up with my resolutions. I busted out my workout shoes and laced them up. My mom got me Tony Horton's "10 Minute Trainer" for Christmas. I've done Tony Horton's P90X in the past and was a huge fan. It really whipped me into a better shape. But those were the days of when I had a good athletic base and also a "Before Baby" body. Now I'm like, who has 60 minutes to workout when you have a baby who doesn't like to nap more than 15 minutes? (I've got a cat napper on my hands). So when I heard about Tony Horton's "10 Minute Trainer" I was intrigued.

To get the accelerated results you are supposed to do three 10 minute workouts a day, for a total of 30 minutes. Each 10 minute segment is different. For instance, today I did Upper Body, Cardio and Core Cardio. I like that I can shoot for the full 30 minute workout (if baby allows) but still get a pretty good workout in if I only manage 10 minutes that day.

Each segment is "synergistic", meaning you are working out your whole body. For example, you're doing squats while you're doing chest presses with resistance bands.

Luckily, today my baby was good while I worked out, and I managed to get the full 30 minutes in. I think she enjoyed watching me do all these funny moves around my living room! Ha ha. But I did realize something shortly after I began my workout...I'M SO OUT OF SHAPE!!

Never in my life have I ever felt like this!

I've never been an IronMan Triathlete superstar, but I've got a decent amount of athletic background. I've run a marathon before, I've got my Black Belt in Martial Arts, I did all kinds of competitive sports growing up, and I've spent many hours at the gym with and without trainers.

But no one told me that having a baby would completely change my body. Now I'm not sure if its the pregnancy or the c-section or the combination of both, but Where DID MY ABS GO????

In order to keep myself accountable if figured what better way than to lay it all out there in the blogging world. So, from time to time I will post about my progress and how I am progressing. I'm not "Dieting" this isn't a diet, I can't really anyways because I'm a nursing mom. But more of a journey of getting stronger, more fit and healthier all around! And getting back my core strength!!

Hopefully, down the line my post can read, "Baby, where'd you get those abs!?" ;)


  1. Tony Horton's workouts are great! Best to you this year!

  2. We have a slim by summer group for bloggers going in Facebook if you'd like some support to achieve your goals.

    Let me know.


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