Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome to the Emerald City

I could help but notice a color trend in this week's episode of 90210's "Were Not Not in Kansas Anymore". They may have not been in Kansas, But they were certainly in the Emerald City!

And yes, I do watch 90210! It's one of my shameless girlie shows I make my husband watch with me from time to time. (He was actually a guest star in a season one episode! Remember Annie's nerdy date to the Prom? That'd be my husband with some fake braces! Check it out on Netflix! Ending shameless plug

Naomi in a Emerald Green skirt and jacket

Teddy spotted in a dark emerald pull over hoodie

Annie in a adorable Emerald Green sweater. (check out Naomi in poppy red too!)

 Annie with Liam in a zip up hoodie

Naomi toting an Emerald Bag

Max sporting a nerdy yet trendy green shirt

Teddy wearing an Emerald flannel. I would love to get this shirt for my man!

That's a whole lot of Emerald in one episode!!

Where have you been spotting Emerald Green, the color of the year lately?

*All images are property of the CW and not mine. 


  1. I love emerald green. I own a few emerald green pieces.

    I could not believe the foolishness that was 90210 this week. They're reaching!

  2. I have been seeing it on the web a lot. I would love to buy an emerald green handbag! Stopping through from Bloggy Moms! New follower:)

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