Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Christmas...Day Eleven

1. Baby's First Ornament
2. Easy Holiday Centerpiece
3. Chocolate Reindeer Pretzels
4. Holiday Gift Tag Printables
5. Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake Bites
6. Cookie Cutter Brownies
7. Peppermint Bark 
8. Snowmen and Reindeer Cupcakes
9. Cinnamon Sugar Candied Almonds
10. Best Sugar Cookies

On the 11th Day of Christmas....
 DIY Wine Glasses and Serving Plate

I found these very inexpensive wine glasses and glass plate for $1 each at Target and thought it would be fun to spice them up!

I used some Martha Stewart acrylic glitter gold paint to make it more festive for the holidays and thought I would make them into "His" and "Hers" wine glasses for those nights me and the hubs relax after the little one (finally) goes to bed!

I kept a wet paper towel nearby to whip off any mistakes and using a paintbrush carefully wrote "his" and then "hers" I just eye-balled it to make them about the same size. Then I flipped the glass over to add a few accent "dots".

For the serving dish, I thought it would be fun to write something festive. I went with "Eat, Drink and be Merry!" A perfect dish for some Christmas cookie!

  Looks like Champagne bubbles!

Next, I decided to glam up the wine glasses with a little glitter! First, I taped off the stem of the glass at the same point on each glass.

Then I added "Mod Podge" glue to the stem and sprinkled on some glitter. When the glue was dried, I sealed the glitter in with clear nail polish. I got a cheap bottle from the dollar store. No point wasting the good stuff!

I love the way they turned out, especially the glitter base! Next, time I would love to make them in different colors too- great way to keep track of your wine glass at a party!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Cheers!


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