Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I'm loving now...Baby Lit!

One of my new favorite things is "Baby Lit". I was first introduced to it when given a gift from a fellow friend and Jane Austen enthusiast. Personally, I have always been a decent reader and lover of classic english literature. So when I was given this adorable "Pride and Prejudice" book for my daughter, I was over the moon! I loved it so much I had to investigate more....

Baby Lit is a great way to introduce you little one to classic literature. They also have the most adorable illustrations too. Currently, they have "Pride and Prejudice, "Dracula", "Christmas Carol", "Romeo and Juliet", "Alice in Wonderland", "Jane Eyre".

Not only do they have books, but below are some of the other products they have too!





This is just a taste!

Check out there website: for more!

FYI...I dont get paid for any of this


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