Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photo Fun! Pinocchio!

I'm a Real Boy! (or Girl)

My Aunt and Uncle got my daughter this authentic Pinnochio Puppet from Italy when they visited last summer and all I could think was, my little daughter would be a cute little "puppet" too! 

To make this cute little puppet stage I used a white sheet as a backdrop and a yellow one for the stage. I used a red sheet under the white one and folded the sheet to make it look like curtain folds. I used our curtain valence for the top.

Using a little cardboard I cut out an "X" and attached strings from that to my daughters clothes. I did NOT tie any ribbon to her!

Then, I let her do the rest of the work! She kicked and squirmed as I took a bunch of photos, to make it look as though she was "dancing"! And my husband reluctantly volunteered to be the puppet master. 

More unique children poses to follow in upcoming posts....

The original Pinocchio


  1. Adorable and creative!!! Love this!


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