Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sweetest Day Card - DIY

Happy Sweetest Day!

Normally, my husband and I don't celebrate Sweetest Day. Maybe it's because my birthday usually falls around that day or because Valentine's Day is enough! However, this year a little birdie told me my husband got me a card. So while my little girl napped I decided to make him one too!

This is by far, the easiest DIY card there is:

What You'll Need: 

- Card Stock/Colored Paper of any kind
- Scissors
- Tape or Glue 
- Extras: Stickers

Step One: Fold one of the papers in half and cut along the fold for a straight line. Then fold one of the halves again. 

Step Two: Cut out a fun shape out of a different colored paper. I cut out a large heart for Sweetest Day!

Step Three: Glue or Tape your shape anywhere on the front of the card. Add a few stickers to the front. 

Step Four: You're Done! Write away!


Love to hear your thoughts and comments!!