Monday, October 22, 2012

Space Saving Changing Table

For a new mom there is nothing better than decorating and designing your little one's nursery. For those of us who have limited space and money, design can sometimes be a challenge. So here's a space saving tip: TAKE OUT THE CHANGING TABLE! 

After you first get your positive pregnancy test it's so tempting to bee line it straight to the store to start picking out furniture. Most stores you will visit will try and get you to buy the works; convertible crib, changing table, dresser, mirror and hutch. But who has all that room? 

Which is why I have made my changing space a convertible area. We used the top of our dresser for a simple and functional changing area. Then when my daughter no longer needs diapers, I'm not stuck with extra furniture!

We simply placed a soft changing pad with a washable cover on one end of the dresser. Then have our diaper caddy handy and small storage tins for those little extras. I also placed a small lamp on the dresser for those late night diaper changes. Having the small lamp keeps light levels low, so that I'm still able to see what I'm doing, but it doesn't fully wake up the baby, helping her go back to sleep quicker. 

Changing Pad: Babies R Us

Diaper Caddy: JJ Cole Portable Diaper Caddy. (Babies R Us) I love this! When our baby was first born she would go through diapers like crazy! It was so easy to just grab this caddy and be able to change her diaper anywhere.

Small Canisters: Michael's. I also love these! I use one for storing grocery bags. You never know when you'll need a grocery bag for those extra full diapers. The other I store little nail clippers, thermometer, nail files, and other little items. 


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