Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Picture DIY

If you're the creative and crafty type you'll love making your own Halloween backdrop for those Halloween Cards!

It's all about the Costume!
If you're like me, you've been thinking about what your little one will be for halloween for a while now! It's my daughter's first halloween this year and because I'm determined to have a Disney baby, we naturally went with her first princess costume: Snow White.   

(I had to try on the costume as soon as we got it. She wasn't to pleased or in the best mood at the time!)

Here's what you'll need: 
-A Few Yards of Brightly Colored Fabric. (I got my fairly cheap from Walmart)
-Props to go with your little one's costume. (For example, I printed out the seven dwarfs on computer paper and cut them out.) 
-Your little one in costume!

Step One: Lay out the scene in a brightly lit area. Start by laying down blue fabric for the sky or whatever background you are using. 

Step Two: Ground your scene. Unless your baby is dressed up as Superman or an Astronaut, you don't want your child to look like they are floating in the middle of the sky! I randomly folded over green fabric to give it a little dimension and make it look like there might be gentle hills. 

Step Three: Add some background images! Puff up a white sheet to make a three dimensional cloud. Add a sun! I went and grabbed some foliage from outside to make a "tree". Can't have Snow White, without some forest objects. 

Step Four: Add Props! What makes your costume unique? Does your little Mario need mushroom guys? I added the dwarfs and of course, Snow White is never without a few forest animals. I was short on deer for the day, So I used a few printed images of birds and one of my daughters rattles!

Step Five: Once your scene is laid out, all you need is your little one in costume!

Step Six: Here's the tricky part! If you're vertically challenged like me, you will probably need to stand on a step stool or chair to get a great over head shot of the whole scene. Don't worry about take the perfect shot. Snap away and crop/edit later! But be careful! Don't fall on your child! 

Final Result: A fun and unique photo for friends and family!


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